RAC/CRMB Weekly Update
To: All Members, Alternates, Packers, Staff, and Interested Industry Partners

The Work of the Raisin Administrative Committee & California Raisin Marketing Board Compiled by the Staff of the RAC/CRMB

April 17, 2015

Deliveries to Handlers

For the period of December 7-13, 2014:

427 tons of Natural (sun-dried) Seedless (NS) raisins were delivered to handlers.

524 tons of all varietal types were delivered.

669 tons of all varietal types were delivered for the same period last year.

286,373 tons of NS raisins have been delivered for the year-to-date. This compares to 344,232 tons of NS deliveries as of this date a year ago.

325,695 tons of all varietal types have been delivered YTD, compared to 383,690 tons in 2013-2014.

12,341 tons of the NS deliveries for 2014-15 crop year are organic.

2,029 tons of NS are held on memo storage.

1,781 tons of NS are held for reconditioning.

RAC reports may be found at www.raisins.org

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