American Vineyard Audio Podcasts

Allied Grape Growers has had some hard time in the past, but in 2011 it all turned around with wine grape shortages. This is a July 7, 2011 recording of Allied Grape Growers president Nat DiBuduo on the good times in the California wine industry, especially in the Central San Joaquin Valley.
The Fresno-based Raisin Bargaining Association offers many benefits to its members. RBA director Kelly Duley tells you why.
McDonalds’ Fruit and Maple Whole Grain Oatmeal uses golden seedless raisins from California. This podcast, recorded Jan. 2011 features David Martinelli, marketing manager for Northern California and Northern Nevada.
The Agricultural Council of California is a private non-profit organization in Sacramento speaking on behalf of agricultural cooperatives throughout the state. Emily Rooney is the president.
Yolo County Winegrape grower Ken Wilson is bullish on San Joaquin Valley wines
Ocean Spray’s Crasin’s are coming after the California raisin industry. And the raisin industry will have nothing of it. This report is with Larry Blagg, Senior Vice President of Marketing with the California Raisin Advisory Board.
California represents Smart Farming. This report is with Jay Vroom, President and CEO with Crop Live America.
Watch out for Palmer Amaranth---a troublesome weed that we do not need in California!
The life of a crop duster that hits the air when needed. This report is with Doug Thiel, Thiel Air Care.
Crop Protection Materials dramatically increases production and helps feed the hungry world. This report is with Jay Vroom, President and CEO with Crop Live America.